Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and Kitchen Remodel Progress

Old fireplace replaced with gas - new travertine
New entry - step removed and double doors replaced
Sliding door replaced in dining room - side lights were added yesterday
One of the 4 new windows in lving room
Well it's been awhile since I updated the remodel progress. We had a few weeks waiting for the new windows to arrive....but at last they have. A few of them were installed yesterday in the living and dining room and now today the two kitchen windows are almost in. I'm hoping that things will be winding down in the next couple of weeks as I have one of my best friends, who I haven't seen in over 12 years, coming to stay with us for a week on December 30th! Can't wait to see her! We don't have a Christmas tree up this year which feels really strange. We still don't have our furniture in yet because they will sand and re-finish the hardwood floors one last time when everything is done. I won't know what to do when Matt (our contractor) is through......he's like part of the family now!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitchen Progress - Getting Closer

No more hand washing dishes in the bar sink!
Oven that Matt set in Spanish for me
Well tonight marks a huge milestone in the kitchen remodel. I am cooking the first dinner even though the kitchen is not completed yet. We have all the appliances installed except the microwave. Matt, our contractor, succeeded in driving me crazy by setting the wall oven in Spanish! It took my daughter Courtney (3 years French in high school) and myself awhile to interpret and reset the oven to English. The oven didn't have the operating manual shipped in the crate so that was a fun time trying to figure that all out! I've since downloaded the operating manual.....Anyway.....I'm anxious to get back to cooking!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roving Renton Returns!!!!

After a short hiatus, Roving Renton returns! I am pleased to hear that once again the Melrose, Armondo's, Red House and Blossom have joined forces to continue their weekly Tuesday rove. If you haven't had a chance to join the fun.....you need to get this down on your social calendar! Each week one of the four above restaurants rotate as to where you start the evening. For $25 per person you receive an appetizer and glass of wine at each stop (the last one of the evening typically is a dessert). The Rove starts at 5:00 (get there early as they only allow 60 participants to keep things moving) and ends at 9:00pm. See you there! Armondo's 310 Wells Ave S 425-228-0759 http://www.armondos.com/ Red House 410 Burnett Ave S 425-226-2666 http://www.redhousebeerandwine.com/ Melrose 819 Houser Way S 425-254-0759 http://www.melrosegrill.com/ Blossom Asian Bistro 305 Burnett Ave S 425-430-1610

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Successful Olde Fashioned Halloween

Families enjoyed a day full of good olde fashioned fun!
Wonderful volunteers who made it all happen!
Getting the new popcorn machine ready for business! Today, with help of several local Renton business owners and other volunteers, the 4th Annual Olde Fashioned Halloween Party located in Main Street Square in downtown Renton was a huge success. Several hundred spooky, scrary, Super Heroes and fictional characters alike played games, ate popcorn and sipped on apple cider, all free thanks to donated goods. The Trick or Treaters were also treated to candy at several of the downtown businesses. Thanks to all who volunteered.....another great Halloween had by all!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween

Love all those pumpkins! Some friends and I are getting together
this week to carve a few!

Kitchen Update

New cabinet in dining room that use to be a bookshelf
This will be a built in hutch and desk. Cabinet company forgot to build the right lower cabinet....so we are waiting for that.

Microwave will be in upper cabinet and wall oven in lower cabinet. Refrigerator will be to the right of cutouts.

The sink (which is sitting on top of base cabinet) will be installed in this corner cabinet.

Well we have come to a standstill in the remodel. One reason being a mess up in the crown molding as I ordered and the other reason, and most serious, is that our contractor has come down with the swine flu! He hasn't been on the job since last Wednesday. He was planning on completing a small window job last Thursday and Friday at another site. I learned from my kitchen designer friend that he became sick early Thursday. He apparently contracted the flu at last weeks Seahawks game! Along with a ton of other fans. So beware! Here are a few pictures of the cabinets. All the lower cabinets are installed minus the lower right hutch baser.....the granite will be installed on Thursday. Looking forward to it! On to paint choice, stair rail posts and wrought iron balusters.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Today is not a fun day with the kitchen remodel. The first setback is Saturday evening, after all the monsoon rains, a previous roof leak reappeared in the dining room. Which means the sheetrock is wet and will have to be patched after the roofing company comes back to repair the roof once again. Then the cabinets arrived today, and not without their set of problems. The corner sink cabinet arrived 3" shorter than the plans, thus making the sink selection I was planning on impossible. So, I am back to looking at sinks that will fit the cabinet. The contractor we finally decided (and my personal hero), will shim the cabinet to make it all work. I can see that this project will result in more wine than expected.........

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Well the hardwood floors are installed and they start staining them today. I love them and can't wait to see them finished. Today I'm off to pick out tile for the kitchen backsplash and bathroom floor. I also need to pick a kitchen sink and faucet and paint colors. The painter starts tomorrow. This is all happening so fast!!! Yikes!!! Matt, the contractor, is so proud of me.....I made two major decisions yesterday in a matter of minutes. Floor stain color and interior doors.......I think it was because of inhaling the fumes from the floor stain samples!
Unfinished hardwood floor in living room
Going with the top stain (Golden).......makes the wood grain really stand out.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Friday all the sheetrock was textured and sprayed. It looks really nice but a huge mess! Dust everywhere! They took off the doors into where the new pantry will be and into the garage and believe me it's cold! I hung a blanket up to help stop the cold air from coming in. I spent yesterday at Home Depot looking at stair railings, garage doors, tile, sinks and faucets. I also went to several new home Open Houses near my house to look at sinks, stair railings and paint colorst to get ideas. I then continued to McLendon's to pick out paint and purchase a few sample colors. It was a long day! Today the hardwood starts. The guys have only been here about an hour and already all the carpet and stair rails are gone. They will start laying the hardwood after they finish prepping which might take awhile. I finally will get rid of all the "squeeks" in the floor. Along with all this Friday morning as I was headed down the hill to meet with the granite guy.....I was rear ended. I will be going to get estimates on my bumber later today.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Today brings the first delay. The plumber......still waiting for him. The kitchen sink plumbing needs to be moved along with plumbing for the refrigerator and gas lines. The wallboard went up yesterday and they mudded and taped. They will do another mud application either later today or tomorrow and Friday they will texture the walls and ceiling. I had a wall in my bedroom that had wallpaper on it and we had actually scraped the texture off to help the wallpaper stick better. I've decided to redo my bedroom and so spent Monday removing the wallpaper. They taped it yesterday and will retexture on Friday as well. Another couple of side notes is my 18 year old cat, Tabby, has found that she loves crawling in the open cold air vent that was removed. We have to remember to keep it covered otherwise she constantly keeps crawling in. And this morning we noticed a hole in the ceiling in the living room......there was a bees nest in the attic and they've chewed through the wallboard! The pantry is in and I know I'm going to love it! Off to look at sinks and wrought iron stair rails for the stairway today.

The hole from the bees nest

View standing in kitchen looking back into dining and living room. Amazing how different it looks with the wall down. The half wall will become the raised eating bar.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Things are moving along with the kitchen remodel. The electrician spent the last couple of days here adding all the new outlets and can lights. We also added an attic fan. Both kitchen windows have been removed and boarded up along with moving of the door from the kitchen to the garage. The new location of the door will be to the walk in pantry. I picked my granite Thursday. The plumber is scheduled for Monday and the new wallboard goes in on Tuesday. Kitchen eating space window gone.
Kitchen eating space window before.
Kitchen sink window boarded and garage door moved to new location. Temporary door.
Before kitchen window and sink

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Well we just got back from our trip to Napa and the kitchen is totally gutted. I took some before pics before we left and a couple as to what it looks like now. Lots of decisions to make! I think we have finally narrowed down the granite to two.....which is a long process! My popcorn ceilings in the kitchen, living and dining room are gone too. It's amazing with the dining room wall out how much light there is into the kitchen now. Fun watching the progress. This is taken from the dining room looking back towards kitchen......same spot as the picture below with the wall gone. It will be replaced with a half wall and raised eating bar.
The picture above is from the dining room looking back into the kitchen........both walls are gone.
The one on the left of the doorway and the one on the right of doorway. And the attractive 1978 linoleum is no more!
This is from the kitchen looking at the wall that separated the kitchen/dining room. Blank space is where the refrigerator was.
Yesterday and today included adding of the can lights and the framing of the walk-in pantry.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And So the Remodel is About to Begin.......

I will keep a log of how things progress with our kitchen/living room/dining room remodel. The demolition of our kitchen is scheduled to begin September 23. The same day we leave for vacation! I have been busy packing all the "stuff" in my china hutches (garage sale soon) and will be making my way into the kitchen to pack. We have to have all three rooms completely emptied so that the workers can do their thing! We have a 16' trailer coming this week to store everything during the remodel. It should be interesting living close to 2 months without a kitchen! I see alot of sandwiches, salads and crockpot recipes in the future. So if you have some tried and trued crockpot recipes....send them my way. I'll have lots of time to try them out! - Sue

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Sound of Music - Leavenworth

Mike and I and friends are headed over to Leavenworth on Wednesday to spend the night. We are going to see The Sound of Music performed in the outdoor summer theater. It should be alot of fun. From what we are told you need to plan at least 20 minutes to walk from the parking lot to where the theater is located! We are bringing our bikes to ride around and discover Leavenworth. http://www.leavenworthsummertheater.org/ I am excited to see the Sound of Music.....back when I graduated from 8th grade at St. Anthony's in Renton, the nuns had all of us girls sing "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" for the graduation ceremony. And during my accordian playing days.....the music from the Sound of Music was quite the popular "current" hits!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4th Annual Art and Antique Walk in Downtown Renton

Mark your calendar for this Saturday from 11:00-5:00pm for the 4th Annual Art and Antique Walk in downtown Renton on S 3rd St. This has become one of the best venue's in downtown Renton so don't miss it. Lots of great local artists on hand and some good shopping/browsing/dining at the local shops and restaurants. Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Celebrating Julia!

Last Friday evening I ventured to Juanita's Farmer's Market via Kirkland along Lake Washington. On making my way back through Kirkland I discovered one of my favorite shops, Sur La Table. http://www.surlatable.com/category/culinary.do I wandered in and spent awhile browsing. I had noticed on their website that they offer cooking classes. In talking with the sales people they informed me that Kirkland was the only store that offered the cooking classes. They have some wonderful offerings but to my delight I signed up for "Celebrating Julia" which is tonight at 6:30. I love French food but have to admit haven't taken the time to learn much about it or actually try it at home. So I will report back!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Concert on the Green - Issaquah Community Center

Tomorrow night (August 11) at 7:00pm Issaquah Parks and Recreation continues it's Concerts on the Green series featuring Soul Purpose. Several of my friends went two weeks ago to the Nearly Dan (Steely Dan tribute) concert and it was great! Pack a picnic and head on down......great way to spend the evening.
For more information visit http://www.ci.issaquah.wa.us/Files/2009%20Website%20Concerts%20on%20the%20Green%20Flyer.pdf

Friday, August 7, 2009

Too Many Choices.........

Today I continue the search for granite. After 30 years of living in our home it's time to do updating. First project.....the kitchen. My first focus has been the cabinets and think I have them narrowed down. However.....now it's a matter of choosing the stain. Wednesday I spent a few hours looking at granite at Roman Tile & Marble on West Valley Hwy. and today I'm heading to Georgetown to several granite yards. I had no idea how many choices are out there (which is a good thing) and it's pretty overwhelming for someone like me! Although I'm beginning to see a natural elimination in the process. I'm anxious to get the project rolling....that's for sure. I've already purchased most of my new appliances back in February at the Albert Lee Warehouse sale. Wish me luck on my hunt today!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seahawks Training Camp

We had alot of fun at the Hawks training camp today! The facility is awesome and we couldn't have asked for better weather. We were impressed on how smoothly they shuttle you from The Landing to the VMAC (Virginia Mason Athletic Center). With Lake Washington in the background.....what's not to like! They were giving away hotdogs too. All in all.....fun time. Jeff was able to get several autographs at the end of practice. He came away with a big smile on his face!

Heading to Seahawks Training Camp Today

Mike, Jeff, Courtney and I are going to the Seahawks open training camp today. Transportation is provided to VMAC training facility as they don't allow the public to park on site. We will catch our bus ($5) at the Landing parking lot. Should be alot of fun!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

SeaFair - 2009

Today is the 6oth running of SeaFair in Seattle on Lake Washington. The roar of the thunderboats send thrills down the spines of those lucky enough to line the shores. And the much anticipated show of the Blue Angels is the event of the summer! I have friends that own Miss U-48 and Miss U-37......It will be fun to see if they end up in the final heat against each other! Hope you all enjoy a safe SeaFair.....put on your sun screen!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Snohomish 25th Annual Garden Tour

Sunday I drove up to Snohomish to attend the 25th Annual Garden Tour. It's always a highlight of my summer and this year was no exception. The gardens were all located in town this year which made it easier to get to all of them. As I went from garden to garden I liked each one equally as the previous one. The most impressive gardens were the community gardens that several homeowners of little cottages/houses share and have created a seemless flow of quaint sitting areas, along with flowering arbors and gardens. Pictured above is a sleeping porch in the community garden area. It was so sweet!
This garden boasted multi-variety grapes along with apple and pear trees. It's the Steven's House builit in 1887.
A view through the "moon gate" at the Stringer House built in 1904.
This garden was absolutely amazing! They must spend hours upon hours maintaining it! Pictured here is their greenhouse. This garden is located at the Carleton House - 1898.
And who doesn't find the charm in a tree house? This was the cutest including a vintage chandelier inside! The sweetest elderly lady lives in this home - Vestal House 1889
Here begins the community gardens. Among the cottages is the Ferguson Cottage - 1859! (Oldest home in Snohomish County) This cottage is nestled on the bluff overlooking the Snohomish River. Hiel Barnes was charged with assemling the home. He arrived with enough supplies to start a store and thus contributed to
the founding of Snohomish. (Your Washington State history lesson for the day)
One of the bungalows and their cute entrance!
And this is where my tour ended. Looking through this vintage door into a moss garden.
I ended the day at my usual stop... the Oxford Saloon.....which I believe is one of the oldest still operated bars in Washington State. I sat and had a bite to eat and listened to the "Swingtime Express" who perform each and every Sunday night for your listening pleasure.

Renton River Days Parade

My girlfriends Dinky, Toni, and Tish, sister Kelly and I had a blast at Renton River Days Parade. We met people along the route, here we're pictured with current King County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison. We sang Renton High School's Alma Mater with the Renton High cheerleeders and football team (we're all Renton High grads.) They stopped in front of our seats. Great day!
As always, the hit of the parade.......the Seattle Seafair Pirates! Boy are they loud! Everytime they set off the canon my sister Kelly flew out of her chair!
Pictured here is Bill Larson, retired Renton Firefighter, driving the vintage Cooper fire truck.

Getting Caught Up on My Recent Adventures......

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Renton River Days

I was driving through South Renton this afternoon and noticed this flag in the yard of Lynn and Bob Moran. They have the spirit! Looking forward to the weekend especially the parade which begins at 10:00am and the annual Antique District Sidewalk sale that runs on Saturday from 9:00-5:00pm.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Return to Renton Classic Car Show

Everyone has to love these old cars. And what a great treat to have them lined in the streets of downtown Renton this past Sunday. Brings back memories of cruzin the loop! Here are a few of the many great "rides".....I personally loved the vets!