Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitchen Progress - Getting Closer

No more hand washing dishes in the bar sink!
Oven that Matt set in Spanish for me
Well tonight marks a huge milestone in the kitchen remodel. I am cooking the first dinner even though the kitchen is not completed yet. We have all the appliances installed except the microwave. Matt, our contractor, succeeded in driving me crazy by setting the wall oven in Spanish! It took my daughter Courtney (3 years French in high school) and myself awhile to interpret and reset the oven to English. The oven didn't have the operating manual shipped in the crate so that was a fun time trying to figure that all out! I've since downloaded the operating manual.....Anyway.....I'm anxious to get back to cooking!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roving Renton Returns!!!!

After a short hiatus, Roving Renton returns! I am pleased to hear that once again the Melrose, Armondo's, Red House and Blossom have joined forces to continue their weekly Tuesday rove. If you haven't had a chance to join the need to get this down on your social calendar! Each week one of the four above restaurants rotate as to where you start the evening. For $25 per person you receive an appetizer and glass of wine at each stop (the last one of the evening typically is a dessert). The Rove starts at 5:00 (get there early as they only allow 60 participants to keep things moving) and ends at 9:00pm. See you there! Armondo's 310 Wells Ave S 425-228-0759 Red House 410 Burnett Ave S 425-226-2666 Melrose 819 Houser Way S 425-254-0759 Blossom Asian Bistro 305 Burnett Ave S 425-430-1610