Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I went to the Issaquah Farmer's Market on Saturday morning to buy flowers for my mom's, grandmother and grandfathers grave. I then went to Greenwood Cemetary located in the Renton Highlands to place the flowers. I went back to the cemetary this evening to find this amazing picture of all the flags placed upon the graves. It's really a sight.
I ran into an old family friend who also was visiting the cemetary and she walked me over to another family friends memorial who had just recently passed away. Katie had purchased the most beautiful marble bench in honor of her two sons who passed before her and her brother John. Unfortunately, Katie did not live to see the finished bench. Katie's picture is also engraved in the bench. My friend told me I had just missed the bagpipe player who has walked the cemetary both yesterday and today at sunset playing Amazing Grace and Taps among other songs. I will go tomorrow to see if he will be back to play.
I also drove by the Veteran's Memorial Park located on the corner of Main Ave. and Houser Way. It's a memorial wall of local servicemen who have served our country.
I'm sure there will be many barbeques and family gatherings tomorrow to celebrate this holiday.
I will be going to my "soon to be" future in-laws for a get together. Can't wait! Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Comedy Night at DC's Bar and Grill

Looking for something fun to do tonight? Head to DC's Bar and Grill in downtown Renton (907 S. 3rd. St) for their Comedy Night. It starts at 8:00 and is only $5 cover at the door. Come join in the laughs!
For more information on events at DC's....check out their website at

Wine Tasting at Red House.....Almost!

Last evening my friends Ed, Kathy and I (hubby out of town on fishing trip) were going to the Red House (located at 410 Burnett Ave. So. - directly across from the old Spirit of Washington Dinner Train Depot) for their weekly Wednesday night wine tasting. This week's guest winery was Kestrel's out of Prosser. From prior visits to the greater Yakima Valley wineries, this happens to be one of my favorites. While we all arrived promptly at 6:00pm we soon found that alot of other folks had the same idea! The place was packed! We decided to head downstairs to the deck and have dinner off their amazing menu. I can honestly say I have never eaten anything at the Red House that wasn't up to par. They truly have one of the best menu offerings in town. We were seated at one of the tables that still offered peaks of sunshine, but once the sun went down, we were reminded that summer in Seattle isn't quite here yet! I was hoping to get some pictures of the wine tasting but instead snapped a couple from my seat. This shot on the left is looking to the east and up onto Renton Hill. If you haven't attended a wine tasting at the Red most certainly should. For $20 (plus tax) you get several tastes of wine and a full buffet dinner. It has to be one the best values in town! Check out their website at

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cooking Class at Armondo's

Today I spent a few hours attending "A Night in Tuscany" cooking class in Renton's very own Armondo's restaurant located at the corner of Houser and Wells. The class was in conjunction with Renton Technical College but we learned because of budgetary cuts these type of classes have been cut. Too bad.....all of us attendees had a fun time and ate some delicious food and sipped good wine. We started off with with Armondo himself instructing us in the kitchen of the restaurant. That was fun for me because I am fascinated on how restuarants operate and all the behind the scene sequence that makes up a finished dish. Armondo had prepped several parts of the dishes he prepared due to time limitation but he walked us through each and every recipe he made. We started off with Sage Leaf Rolls. He next prepared Ravioli Gnudi which is a "naked" ravioli without pasta. Seems unlikely but it was delicious! The next dish was a bean, tuna, red onion and celery leaf salad. Next on the menu was a Caprese salad consisting of just fresh mozzarella cheese, oven baked roma tomatoes and drizzle of balsamic vinegar. The main course item was Stracooto al Chianti Classico (which is beef with red wine, pine nuts, raisins, currants and several other wonderful ingredients). We also were treated to several tastes of a variety of Chianti wines while Armondo explained the labeling on Italian wines. We ended the day with the wonderful Ripassa Valpolicella wine that was one of the best wines I've ever tasted! Armondo told us that you could purchase the wine at the QFC in the Highland's and I might just have to do that! Salute! Visit Armondo's at

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Marshal in Town.......

Today my husband Mike starts his marshalling job at Maplewood Golf Course in Renton. He's been retired from the Renton Fire Department since September and he's looking forward to this new adventure. If you haven't played the course you need to check it out. Maplewood has won "Best Public Golf Course" in the Southend for several years and once you play it you'll know why. They have a great staff, offer a full service pro shop and the course also offers a driving range. Also located on site is the River Rock Grill and Alehouse which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and brunch on weekends. Make your reservations for Father's Day Brunch, June 21st from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Check out their webpage and see the wonderful brunch buffet menu.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday at Pike Place Market

For Mother's Day my daughter and youngest son headed off to Pike Place Market for the day. With the sun shining it was a popular choice for many locals and tourists alike. We parked on Western Ave. and headed up Post Alley. As we were walking up the alley we noticed spots of color on one of the brick buildings (Market Theater) only to find upon closer inspection that it was gum! I know it sounds rather strange but it was truly a work of art! From intricate designs to actual names spelled out.....I marveled at the creativity!
We continued on to the market and had lunch at one of my all time favorite Seattle spots, Lowell's It's a great spot to sit and people watch (if you sit on the east side of the restaurant) or you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sound from the west. It's always a fun experience and the food is good too. From there we met up with my oldest son and his fiance' and continued through the market. We wandered through Sur la Table and on to Watson Kennedy, which just happens to be another one of my favorite stores. It's located in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market. We came home with a fresh dungeness crab and an afternoon of fun times in Seattle!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How I Spent My Saturday Morning

I woke up to a beautiful sunshining day and needed a Farmer's Market fix so I headed to Issaquah at Pickering Barn. While browsing through the various stalls I noticed a young boy playing his violin. I overheard his dad say he was trying to raise money to attend a music camp this summer. He was very good for his age and there were many people stopping to listen to him play and add money to his open case. I wish him luck! The market was buzzing with people since it was such a sunny day and the flower vendors were the most popular tents. I'm sure many of the purchased bouquets will find their way to a mother's table tomorrow. It was fun to listen to the music and see so many carefree people out enjoying the day. From there I headed over to Trader Joe's. I love that store. I really wish Renton had a Trader Joe's. They have such a great selection of pre-made salads and sandwiches. Great for an impromptu picnic! Happy Mother's Day to all!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Melanie and I had lunch today at La Hacienda in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. They have great food and love the chips and salsa and pico de gallo. Now it's off with Dinky for a margarita! Here's a little Cinco de Mayo history.......... While not the official Mexican Independence Day, which falls on September 16, Cinco de Mayo might just be the quintessential celebration of freedom for Mexicans the world over.
After the 1846 war with the United States, Mexico went through a difficult economic period, which was further weighed down by a civil war that lasted from 1858 to 1861. To supplement a deflated economy, Mexico borrowed vast sums of money from England, Spain and France. In 1862, all three European powers came to collect. Mexico offered vouchers, England and Spain accepted and went home; France invaded. Under Napoleon III, French troops moved inland from shore, trying to make their way to Mexico City.
But before they could get to the capital, they were stopped at the state of
Puebla. This is where, on May 5 of 1862, the comparatively small, outnumbered and out-armed Mexican army defeated the then super power that was France.
Mexico City subsequently fell to French rule less than a year later, but this hasn't spoiled the fun or the significance of that victory. The Mexican men who fought at Puebla defied the odds, and Cinco de Mayo celebrates their bravery and determination. Usually the festivities include Mexican food; think quesadilla and Mole Poblano, Mexican music like mariachi, parades, piƱatas and firework. And, of course, plenty of margaritas and cerveza.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Roving Renton to Continue!

I just received an email that Roving Renton will continue through May. If you haven't tried it yet you need's a great value for the appetizer's and wine. Here's the May schedule!
Join Us Every Tuesday for ROVING RENTON! An Evening of Wine & Food Tasting 5:00 to 9:00 pm Visit Armondo's, Melrose Grill, The Red House and Blossom Asian Bistro for Wine and Food Sampling.
Purchase a $25* ticket at the starting restaurant and enjoy a wine and appetizer tasting at all four restaurants. Due to seating constraints, ticket purchases will be limited to the first 60 guests. Please arrive early!
Tuesday, May 5th Start at Red House End at Melrose Grill
Tuesday, May 12th
Start at Armondo's End at Blossom
Tuesday, May 19th Start at Blossom End at Armondo's
Tuesday, May 26th Start at Melrose Grill End at Red House *For the convenience of our guests, gratuity is included in the ticket price

Friday, May 1, 2009

Renton Softball at Liberty Park

Yesterday officially kicked off the start of Renton Parks Department Men's Softball league. It couldn't have been a better day either. The sun was shining and it was actually pretty warm....something we aren't use to around here! Both my sons play on Classic's Bar and Grill's team so it was fun to watch the two of them. The game was at Liberty Park and they played a double header. They won both games....infact 10 runned the other team both games. The group of guys have been playing together for years now and usually end up in the playoffs at the end of the season. I was sitting in the bleachers and noticed one of the players had his two young sons with him. They must have been over at the playground but ended up coming into the dugout. I noticed Terry (the dad) slip off his younger son's shoe and head out of the dugout. He walked over to a patch of green grass and I immediately started laughing because I knew from experience what he was doing! His son had stepped in dog poop and he was trying to wipe it off his shoe! First it was a swipe on the grass, then as in the picture he resorted to stick and then tissue. Tate is pictured in the bottom picture after his shoe was returned by dad! Gotta love kids!!