Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I went to the Issaquah Farmer's Market on Saturday morning to buy flowers for my mom's, grandmother and grandfathers grave. I then went to Greenwood Cemetary located in the Renton Highlands to place the flowers. I went back to the cemetary this evening to find this amazing picture of all the flags placed upon the graves. It's really a sight.
I ran into an old family friend who also was visiting the cemetary and she walked me over to another family friends memorial who had just recently passed away. Katie had purchased the most beautiful marble bench in honor of her two sons who passed before her and her brother John. Unfortunately, Katie did not live to see the finished bench. Katie's picture is also engraved in the bench. My friend told me I had just missed the bagpipe player who has walked the cemetary both yesterday and today at sunset playing Amazing Grace and Taps among other songs. I will go tomorrow to see if he will be back to play.
I also drove by the Veteran's Memorial Park located on the corner of Main Ave. and Houser Way. It's a memorial wall of local servicemen who have served our country.
I'm sure there will be many barbeques and family gatherings tomorrow to celebrate this holiday.
I will be going to my "soon to be" future in-laws for a get together. Can't wait! Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Beautiful - as I have aged, this holiday has taken on a completely new meaning to me - especially with the passing of my Dad, a war vet - congrats on the "soon to be" future in-laws - so nice to have your family growing