Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Melanie and I had lunch today at La Hacienda in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. They have great food and love the chips and salsa and pico de gallo. Now it's off with Dinky for a margarita! Here's a little Cinco de Mayo history.......... While not the official Mexican Independence Day, which falls on September 16, Cinco de Mayo might just be the quintessential celebration of freedom for Mexicans the world over.
After the 1846 war with the United States, Mexico went through a difficult economic period, which was further weighed down by a civil war that lasted from 1858 to 1861. To supplement a deflated economy, Mexico borrowed vast sums of money from England, Spain and France. In 1862, all three European powers came to collect. Mexico offered vouchers, England and Spain accepted and went home; France invaded. Under Napoleon III, French troops moved inland from shore, trying to make their way to Mexico City.
But before they could get to the capital, they were stopped at the state of
Puebla. This is where, on May 5 of 1862, the comparatively small, outnumbered and out-armed Mexican army defeated the then super power that was France.
Mexico City subsequently fell to French rule less than a year later, but this hasn't spoiled the fun or the significance of that victory. The Mexican men who fought at Puebla defied the odds, and Cinco de Mayo celebrates their bravery and determination. Usually the festivities include Mexican food; think quesadilla and Mole Poblano, Mexican music like mariachi, parades, piƱatas and firework. And, of course, plenty of margaritas and cerveza.

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  1. lovely history lesson - yeah! I learned something more about a lovely celebration. mom and I headed for la hacienda as well - yum