Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chris and Katie's Wedding

On August 21st we gained a daughter-in-law! The day started off a little cloudy and the forecast was a little sketchy. But, the clouds burned off and out came the sunshine. With the guests mingling the music started and the procession began. Chris' fraternity brother Evan (appropriately nicknamed "Rev Ev") lead the beautiful ceremony. Katie's attendants were dressed in a rainbow of color and the groomsmen were quite handsome in their suits (along with their purple shirts thanks to Mike's suggestion and a nod to the Huskies!).
Speaking of the Huskies.....thanks to my sister Kelly the University of Washington marching band showed up and played! Everyone enjoyed it (even the handful of Coug's in the crowd :) and especially Chris and his TKE brothers.
The night continued under the glow of the candlelit yard and the sound of music from the band. Chris and Katie spent the night in the "Honeymoon Treehouse" which was transformed into a amazing site!