Monday, October 12, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Friday all the sheetrock was textured and sprayed. It looks really nice but a huge mess! Dust everywhere! They took off the doors into where the new pantry will be and into the garage and believe me it's cold! I hung a blanket up to help stop the cold air from coming in. I spent yesterday at Home Depot looking at stair railings, garage doors, tile, sinks and faucets. I also went to several new home Open Houses near my house to look at sinks, stair railings and paint colorst to get ideas. I then continued to McLendon's to pick out paint and purchase a few sample colors. It was a long day! Today the hardwood starts. The guys have only been here about an hour and already all the carpet and stair rails are gone. They will start laying the hardwood after they finish prepping which might take awhile. I finally will get rid of all the "squeeks" in the floor. Along with all this Friday morning as I was headed down the hill to meet with the granite guy.....I was rear ended. I will be going to get estimates on my bumber later today.

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