Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Well we just got back from our trip to Napa and the kitchen is totally gutted. I took some before pics before we left and a couple as to what it looks like now. Lots of decisions to make! I think we have finally narrowed down the granite to two.....which is a long process! My popcorn ceilings in the kitchen, living and dining room are gone too. It's amazing with the dining room wall out how much light there is into the kitchen now. Fun watching the progress. This is taken from the dining room looking back towards kitchen......same spot as the picture below with the wall gone. It will be replaced with a half wall and raised eating bar.
The picture above is from the dining room looking back into the kitchen........both walls are gone.
The one on the left of the doorway and the one on the right of doorway. And the attractive 1978 linoleum is no more!
This is from the kitchen looking at the wall that separated the kitchen/dining room. Blank space is where the refrigerator was.
Yesterday and today included adding of the can lights and the framing of the walk-in pantry.

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