Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Things are moving along with the kitchen remodel. The electrician spent the last couple of days here adding all the new outlets and can lights. We also added an attic fan. Both kitchen windows have been removed and boarded up along with moving of the door from the kitchen to the garage. The new location of the door will be to the walk in pantry. I picked my granite Thursday. The plumber is scheduled for Monday and the new wallboard goes in on Tuesday. Kitchen eating space window gone.
Kitchen eating space window before.
Kitchen sink window boarded and garage door moved to new location. Temporary door.
Before kitchen window and sink


  1. wow - this is going to be a total overhaul - tired of eating out yet? looking forward to the next round of photos

  2. Went out last night but I'm getting familiar with Lean Cuisine and the microwaveable section at Safeway. And sandwiches. Another selection is the ever popular rotisserie chicken.....lord knows what all you can do with that! They put up the sheetrock today and taped. They will texture all the ceilings and wall on Friday. I had all the popcorn ceilings in the kitchen, living and dining room taken off. The hardwood floor starts on Monday. We won't be able to stay in the house a oouple of nights next week when they stain and seal the hardwood floor. I have to figure out what to do wth my 17 and 18 year old cats! They will be devastated! They actually are moving right along which keeps me busy running around during the day looking at the little detaily stuff I need to make decisions on.