Monday, October 26, 2009

Kitchen Update

New cabinet in dining room that use to be a bookshelf
This will be a built in hutch and desk. Cabinet company forgot to build the right lower we are waiting for that.

Microwave will be in upper cabinet and wall oven in lower cabinet. Refrigerator will be to the right of cutouts.

The sink (which is sitting on top of base cabinet) will be installed in this corner cabinet.

Well we have come to a standstill in the remodel. One reason being a mess up in the crown molding as I ordered and the other reason, and most serious, is that our contractor has come down with the swine flu! He hasn't been on the job since last Wednesday. He was planning on completing a small window job last Thursday and Friday at another site. I learned from my kitchen designer friend that he became sick early Thursday. He apparently contracted the flu at last weeks Seahawks game! Along with a ton of other fans. So beware! Here are a few pictures of the cabinets. All the lower cabinets are installed minus the lower right hutch baser.....the granite will be installed on Thursday. Looking forward to it! On to paint choice, stair rail posts and wrought iron balusters.

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  1. i love the wood cabinets - but i am really sorry to hear that that fellow got the swine flu! oh my gosh - i hope that he weathers it ok