Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Today brings the first delay. The plumber......still waiting for him. The kitchen sink plumbing needs to be moved along with plumbing for the refrigerator and gas lines. The wallboard went up yesterday and they mudded and taped. They will do another mud application either later today or tomorrow and Friday they will texture the walls and ceiling. I had a wall in my bedroom that had wallpaper on it and we had actually scraped the texture off to help the wallpaper stick better. I've decided to redo my bedroom and so spent Monday removing the wallpaper. They taped it yesterday and will retexture on Friday as well. Another couple of side notes is my 18 year old cat, Tabby, has found that she loves crawling in the open cold air vent that was removed. We have to remember to keep it covered otherwise she constantly keeps crawling in. And this morning we noticed a hole in the ceiling in the living room......there was a bees nest in the attic and they've chewed through the wallboard! The pantry is in and I know I'm going to love it! Off to look at sinks and wrought iron stair rails for the stairway today.

The hole from the bees nest

View standing in kitchen looking back into dining and living room. Amazing how different it looks with the wall down. The half wall will become the raised eating bar.

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  1. i already love it - the airy openness and views
    and now your bedroom - what's one more mess at this point, right?