Thursday, July 30, 2009

Snohomish 25th Annual Garden Tour

Sunday I drove up to Snohomish to attend the 25th Annual Garden Tour. It's always a highlight of my summer and this year was no exception. The gardens were all located in town this year which made it easier to get to all of them. As I went from garden to garden I liked each one equally as the previous one. The most impressive gardens were the community gardens that several homeowners of little cottages/houses share and have created a seemless flow of quaint sitting areas, along with flowering arbors and gardens. Pictured above is a sleeping porch in the community garden area. It was so sweet!
This garden boasted multi-variety grapes along with apple and pear trees. It's the Steven's House builit in 1887.
A view through the "moon gate" at the Stringer House built in 1904.
This garden was absolutely amazing! They must spend hours upon hours maintaining it! Pictured here is their greenhouse. This garden is located at the Carleton House - 1898.
And who doesn't find the charm in a tree house? This was the cutest including a vintage chandelier inside! The sweetest elderly lady lives in this home - Vestal House 1889
Here begins the community gardens. Among the cottages is the Ferguson Cottage - 1859! (Oldest home in Snohomish County) This cottage is nestled on the bluff overlooking the Snohomish River. Hiel Barnes was charged with assemling the home. He arrived with enough supplies to start a store and thus contributed to
the founding of Snohomish. (Your Washington State history lesson for the day)
One of the bungalows and their cute entrance!
And this is where my tour ended. Looking through this vintage door into a moss garden.
I ended the day at my usual stop... the Oxford Saloon.....which I believe is one of the oldest still operated bars in Washington State. I sat and had a bite to eat and listened to the "Swingtime Express" who perform each and every Sunday night for your listening pleasure.


  1. I have never heard of these gardens or this wonderful excursion. It comes as no surprise to me that you should make this a destination every year. I am in love with the sleeping porch - and could use the use of one daily!

  2. Looks awesome. What a great idea.