Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun to Collect Old Jars and Bottles

We finally have had four days of spring! I actually sat outside in the sun yesterday....it's been so long! As I was doing my bathroom cleaning today I thought I'd share the old jar collection I've started in my main bathroom. I'm not sure what originally came in any of the jars, but they look interesting on my antique marble top washstand. I had them under a cloche during the winter but I thought it was time to let the clean glass of the jars shine through. Hope you're all enjoying this wonderful weather!


  1. Spring cleaning - such a true cliche - yep, that gorgeous weather certainly was wonderful. Hope we all got out in it, because you never now how long it will stay. Then, sigh, back to the spring cleaning...

  2. Hey you guys - a couple of days ago I moved your link on my front page - check it out! Hope you are enjoyingthis wonderful sun!!