Saturday, April 18, 2009

Downtown Renton Spring Festival and Poker Run

My son Jeff and I had a fun time today attending the Spring Festival at the Piazza on 3rd and Burnett. There were several vendors selling their goods from homemade honey to jewelry and live music for entertainment. Jeff and I signed up for the poker run and headed off to collect our best poker hand. We stopped at every business that was open to hand out cards. Jeff ended up with 4 of a kind which beat my measly straight! We stopped at DC's Bar and Grill along the route for a hotdog that they were selling outside. On our way to Renton History Museum we stopped at Veteran's Park where Jeff located his Grandpa Hal's name on the memorial wall for his service during both World War II and the Korean War.
It would be interesting to know just how far we walked to reach all the businesses because we were both a little tired by the end! It certainly helped that the weather cooperated too! Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make it a very enjoyable event!

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