Saturday, February 14, 2009

With this being the day all about love and sweetness we thought we'd share some pictures of a few "sweet" things we have here in our shop. With our shop being named Feathered Nest we have several items bird related which appeals to so many. We would love to hear how all of you spent this day so please leave us your comments.
Pictured here are two vintage hotpads with bird inspired images. There are 7 hotpads in the set.
Featured in this photo are various bird items. The blue box is handpainted and would be perfect for those creative minds! The platter in the background has feathers around the edge and a nest in the center.
This is another wonderful home accessory or gift featuring Fringe Studio's Walden vase.
We wish everyone a very special and romantic day!
Sue and Melanie - from our nest to yours!


  1. I love your vintage birds on here! How apropro when today is supposedly the Day when the birds choose their mates or marry! Birdy Blessings on your Journey! LN

  2. I love vintage birds and your items are delightful. I'm still smiling to discover you through my blog party ~ we are birds of a feather.

    Thanks for coming out to play today.

    Happy Valentine's Day
    {soul hugs}

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! I would love to visit your shop....looks like a great place.

  4. Happy Valentines Day! Love the vintage birds!

  5. Oh, I'm imagining all the lovely treasures you have in your shop... it must be hard to part with some of your lovelies! Best Wishes ;o)

  6. My grandmother has a set of 4 mugs which have sport birds (like ducks and quail) on them that I grew up drinking out of. I have told her that's all I want when she passes (she's 94 and still going strong)

  7. Still making blog party rounds. I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day. Pretty birds.
    Heather :)