Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Roving Renton To Return

Well my husband Mike and I did the last (at least for awhile) Roving Renton last night. I heard that it was another great success and had quite a few rovers. We started at Armondo's and were treated to non-pasta gnocchi's which were great accompanied by a glass of red wine. We then headed to Melrose but were roving behind a rather large group so we decided to head to Blossom's. There we had a chicken egg roll and pork skewer with a glass of their house white wine. Very good! Then we wandered back to The Melrose and waited for a few minutes for the bar to clear out because that's my favorite place to sit and be entertained by Leroy the bartender. He's worth the trip believe me! We enjoyed the most delicious scallops and rice and a great glass of viognier. To end the night we walked to the Red House where we enjoyed a glass of white wine and the best rice pudding. In talking with the restaurant owner's they said they were taking a few weeks off but hope to bring the Roving Renton back soon. I know I can't wait! Sue

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