Friday, January 9, 2009

Roving Renton

Melanie and I did Roving Renton last night and highly recommend it! What is Roving Renton? Well it just happens to include four of my favorite Renton restaurants…..Armondo’s, Melrose, Red House and Blossom Asian Bistro It’s on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-9:00PM. Here’s what we did….we started at Armondo’s where we paid our $20.00 (plus tax) and received our punch card. We had a delicious appetizer and glass of red wine and walked to the next stop which was Melrose for us. Again, another glass of red wine, and a risotto and duck appetizer which was to die for! Then on to The Red House for a pita and feta cheese appetizer and another glass of wine. The final stop was Blossom’s where we enjoyed a glass of reisling along with creme brule’. So all that for $20.00 and the other nice thing is that after you get your card punched at all 4 stops you can use the card for your next visit to any of the 4 restaurants for 10% off your bill. It was alot of fun and was able to try some great wines and appetizers. I will definitely Rove Renton again! - Sue

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