Friday, January 9, 2009

I just had to show you more of these lovely vases from Fringe Studio. The two that I have photographed are Botanique and Elizabeth. They are both a tall rectangular style also called “Tiffany”. These are really like works of art because they look great whether they are empty or filled with flowers. The Botanique vase has gorgeous florals and the words “petit Cours Botanique” and a little French label that has “Paris ” on it. The “Elizabeth” vase has a black and white or sepia toned picture of a girl on one side and the other side of the vase has a stem with blue flowers and the words “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” . The side has the words from “ Song of the Fairy”.
These along with other Fringe Studio items can be found in our store or at

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  1. Hey there!!! Thanks for visiting so fast!! Your blog is great~ Those vases are so beautiful. I will try and get back to your store soon. I still haven't figured what to do with that piece I bought...I hate that hopefully it won't end up in my "someday" pile! Thank you both soooo much. Big Hearts~ Michelle