Saturday, March 21, 2009

Planning an Herb Garden

I attended the
"Planning an Herb Garden" class this morning at Squak Mt. Nursery in Issaquah. It was very imformative and inspirational. There were lots of questions both asked and answered. The instructor Patty was extremely knowledgeable and suggested great ideas for planning and planting an herb garden. The one thing I learned is that because of our long, wet, cold winter it will be a few more weeks before we can actually get all the plants in the ground. I did come home with bags of compost to get my soil amended, awaiting the actual planting day! Although there were herbs to purchase, most of them were small and not in bloom quite yet! After class I wondered through the nursery and snapped a couple of pictures of some bright blooms. As I was walking through the nursery I thought of all the great vintage type containers we have at Feathered Nest that would be perfect as small planters for flowers or herbs. I also stopped to take a picture of the serene creek that runs through the nursery on my way back to my car . Happy Spring!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful and makes me wish Spring was really here.

  2. It's amazing - we were both posting beautiful flower pictures on our blogs at the same time! Those are some lovely photos and what a lovely outing. Were you able to figure the whole text and and photo thing on Blogger out?